Season 12 Episode 1 - The Gang Turns Black

A review for the latest episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (season 12, episode 1): The Gang Turns Black

I've always loved the musical episode The Nightman Cometh way back seasons ago, so when I heard that there was going to be another musical episode in the newest season I couldn't wait for it. 

I certainly was not disappointed by this masterpiece of television from the Always Sunny gang, and even more impressed with their singing.

Personally, I can't get enough of Charlie Day's sultry tones. Who is your favorite?

Who is the best singer?

Who is the best singer?

SPOILER! A basic rundown of The Gang Turns Black

In this musical episode the gang have an accident involving an electric blanket and a VCR playing a film that their newest room mate Old Black Man has chosen. The Wiz appears to cause the gang to become black to everyone else and for their friend, Old Black Man, to disappear. Now, the gang must find a way to reverse the body switch and avoid police officers who think they're criminals. 

Scott Bakula also makes an appearance or two to help the guys with their attempts to turn back and has an even more unexpected twist at the end of the episode.

The Black Versions of the Gang

The Black Versions of the Gang

I love the fact that when Charlie was being interviewed by the police after being arrested for trying to steal Dennis's car he is treated like a child and is even given a toy train to play with while they interview him. The whole conversation black Charlie has with the Police had me in stitches!

The Gang Turns Black Highlights

My other highlights from this episode include:

-Dennis singing 'When you've just turned black and you can't switch back. Well you gotta go and find out the rules!' all while doing a cabaret style wiggle and shaking his finger.

-Frank using all the 'black slang' he knows. However Dee stops him from saying 'the N word' that he so wants to say while he has the chance to.

-Mac trying to work out what lesson they are meant to be learning by looking at the things in his and charlies pockets. He switches his lesson learned from 'Black people are broke' to 'Black people are rich' within 30 seconds, much to the annoyance of Dennis 

-Mac and Dennis praying in the Police station to find out that one of them is actually a deeply religious man who has helped out the police in the past 

-And of course Charlie showing the police his 'train'

Overall this episode will be a favorite of mine, however I may change that with the coming season!

What were your favorite bits? Which episode are you looking forward to most? Vote here